Old town Oberursel, Taunuskreis in Hessen

Initial situation:
As a regional energy provider, Syna GmbH maintains the street lighting systems in various cities and municipalities. In the Hochtaunuskreis, in the city of Oberursel, the extensive historic old town with its remarkable half-timbered houses has so far been illuminated with historical lights. Because the luminaire housings were mostly in good condition, but the lighting technology was outdated and no longer met today’s requirements, the planners decided to professionally refurbish and convert the historic luminaires to LED lighting technology.

Customer request and order:
As an expert in the retrofitting of historical lights, BRAUN was commissioned to restore and refurbish 226 old city lights. All lights were completely dismantled, the castings were sandblasted, all electrical components and other fittings were properly disposed of and returned to the material cycle. The lights were painted and completely rebuilt. The goal should be an energy-efficient renewal of the lighting technology in the old existing luminaire. Syna GmbH wanted modern LED lighting that would also achieve glare-free path lighting and at the same time save significantly more than 50 % energy compared to old lighting.

The solution from BRAUN:
The technical conversion was carried out on the one hand with a His.lux universal module 4, in the LED GasLight version. This creates the homely impression of historical gas lighting. At 2,437 K, the light color corresponds to the client’s request. The historical round reflector was pressed by hand according to the old craft tradition. The BAMAG remote igniter housing with imitation burner pipe made of brass is used for the central, invisible cable routing within the luminaire. Thus, the visual appearance of the lights corresponds exactly to the gas-powered original. Our cityLED II CoB module with an anti-glare ring was added to our range of historical lights. The use of secondary optics made it possible to implement the special symmetrical light distributions required by the client.

The city of Oberursel now shines in a new, energy-efficient light.

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Before the retrofit: Desolate condition of the existing luminaire body