His.lux Module Accessories

LED GASlight-for the perfect gaslight optics
The LED GASlight installation kits from BRAUN are a special development for installation in historical luminaires. Many clients want a gas light optic for the perfect appearance of historical luminaires. The demand for the construction of the LED module was to adapt the outer form to the appearance of the incandescent mantels of a gas lamp. In addition, the light color of the LED GASlight should be identical to that of natural gas light. The fact that above all public clients are enthusiastic is clearly demonstrated by the consistently high demand for years – especially in the renovation of the old towns.

The standard light distribution of the LED GASlight module is rotationally symmetrical. Historical diffusers, which optimally mimic the gas light optics in accordance with the historical specifications, are responsible for the appearance of a gas light. Customers confirm that when operating the luminaire, the LED solution is indistinguishable from a real gas light.
BRAUN has been able to inspire customers and, above all, the general public with its LED GASlight in conversion projects such as the lighting of Dresden’s Semper Opera or the old town in Leipzig, which has attracted considerable attention throughout Germany. The conversion with His.lux modules in LED GASlight design also guarantees a high energy savings potential, thanks to efficient LED technology.

Remote ignition replica for the holistic historic impression
In the course of the technical lighting conversion of historical gas lamps, maintenance services are often requested by our customers. On request, BRAUN can professionally clean candelabras and light globes and replace damaged cast parts with specially manufactured, true-to-original spare parts where necessary. By installing the LED modules, modern accessories such as a remote ignition replica can also be installed. This preserves the appearance of an alleged gas lantern. In addition to the standard versions in stock, individual designs are also possible.