Repair and care of a candelabra. Incidentally, in the field of conventional gas lighting, we have been a reliable partner for many years for the maintenance of several thousand gas lanterns, for example in Berlin.

Everything from a single source – cleaning and replacement
Luminaire and recessed kits from BRAUN are quality products manufactured according to the latest standards. They are subject to constant quality control and are characterized by a long service life. Maintenance and repair costs for LED modules are generally extremely low. The luminaires and/or continuous row systems from BRAUN are always designed to be maintenance-free, true to the company philosophy.

Nevertheless, luminaires and lamps are subject to external influences such as soiling, vandalism, aging of surface materials or improper care. Upon request, BRAUN will take over the maintenance of its own products. Maintenance tasks include regular inspection and cleaning of luminaires, reflectors and protective glass as well as the replacement of lamps or worn parts. Please contact our technical advisors for assistance!