Managing directors


With an eye for the solution
Company founder André Braun is the owner of BRAUN Lighting Solutions e.K. Before founding his first company in 2001, he worked successfully for many years as Head of Maintenance at Berlin-based natural gas supplier GASAG. As the first contact for historical gas lighting, André Braun discovered his great passion for lighting and already developed his own innovative business ideas. Customers of BRAUN still benefit from his decades of know-how in historical gas lighting.
The former “Mister Gas Lighting”, as he is known to market participants, now runs a successful company with more than 60 employees. He is a sought-after master and expert in the field of LED lighting technology. Anyone who knows him knows that André Braun is undoubtedly creative. He always thinks and acts solution-oriented, in the customer’s interest. He often puts himself into production to technically stimulate the latest ideas or develop solutions for difficult lighting situations. His passion for light and his sheer boundless interest in the latest technology flow into every product development. The motivation to simply create ingenious lighting and its spirit have had a lasting influence on the corporate identity.


Energy Efficiency made in Germany

His extremely successful company was included by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in the “Energy Efficiency made in Germany” program and is thus part of the federal government’s export initiative.