Lighting Calculations

Excerpt from a building illumination
Light intensity distribution and ISOLUXDIAGRAMM for ME618


With calculations to the right solutions
For complex lighting projects, complex building and facade illuminations, and on special request, we prepare lighting plans and lighting calculations. Light distribution, reflections, shadow effects, and much more can be visualized in advance and thus contribute to decision making. The calculations provide information on light output, lighting effect, beam angle, and, above all, energy efficiency. Particularly in cases of difficult lighting situations, calculations in advance can aid in achieving the right product solution.

Areas of application for lighting design and/or lighting calculation by BRAUN include:

  • Street lighting
  • Parking lot illumination
  • Illumination of sporting fields
  • Forecourt illumination
  • Hall lighting
  • Hangar lighting
  • Illumination of entryways
  • Illumination of facades
  • Special projects and many more


Examples of different light calculations:

Above and below: Light intensity distribution and ISOLUXDIAGRAMM for ME618


Ill. Above: Examples of different light calculations