Turnkey services provider for your lighting projects.

At any stage of the project, you can rely on us to provide efficient solutions to take your project from the beginning to its completion and after maintenance.


Services prior to placing an order:

    • Free advice on the optimal lighting solution, the desired efficiency, and the effect of the planned lighting
    • Creation and/or retrofitting of a sample lamp
    • Delivery and installation of the sample lamp taking into account local conditions
    • Lighting calculations, illumination, and calculation of the expected energy savings potential (depending on the complexity of the lighting project)
    • Delivery of the sample luminaire and, if necessary, provision of a replacement luminaire until delivery of the actual luminaire takes place

Services after positive product sampling:

    • Clarification of delivery conditions (delivery quantities/delivery location/delivery times)
    • Preparation of offer
    • Provision of technical information for the proposal texts on request
    • Financing services

Services after placing of order or acceptance of contract:

    • Production and delivery of the agreed order
    • On-site assembly incl. final inspection on request
    • On request, service, and maintenance of the installations by means of an additional service contract to be agreed upon