NewNight 3LENS PIN Module Conversion Set for Standard Luminaires

Universal and ready for operation
The NewNight 3LENS PIN module installation kit is suitable for universal conversion from conventionally operated existing luminaires to modern LED lighting technology, in combination with switching and control technology. In contrast to the individually orderable 3LENS PIN module, the conversion kit includes the mounting plate, LED control gear, and power supply terminal for connection to the existing luminaire. Very short conversion times can be realized immediately with the ready-for-connection rotatable 3LENS PIN module installation kit.

The conversion kit is optimized for the illumination of old town lights, pendant lights, globe, and shade luminaires as well as pole-mounted and pole-mounted lights, with a recommended mounting height of up to 6 m.

Preferred areas of application: District lighting, residential/subsidiary and low traffic streets, historic city centers, pedestrian zones as well as parks, and green areas.


Data Sheet:

NewNight® 3LENS PIN-MODUL conversion kit