NewNight 3LENS PIN Module

BRAUN provides the 3LENS PIN module for retrofitting modern street lights. The structure of the module is always the same: Forged high-performance heat sinks made of multiple pins and three UV-resistant high-performance lenses made of PMMA, for which there are various light distributions. This LED module is available in different luminous intensities (lumens) and can be supplied ready for connection and is easy to install, including mounting plate. The design of the dust- and moisture-proof construction is unique and only available from BRAUN. PIN modules are weatherproof and can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors. This compact, barely noticeable module can be installed as a stand-alone, but can also be installed in luminaires for retrofitting.
With an average of up to 50,000 operating hours, the module is characterized by its long service life. On request, the 3LENS PIN module can be dimmable and equipped with ThemoProtect temperature protection.

Multiple light distributions and luminosities

A special feature of the 3LENS PIN module is the multitude of possible combinations of light distribution, light intensity, and light colors. A large selection of symmetrical and asymmetrical secondary optics is available, which ultimately determines the illumination. Depending on customer requirements, three identical or different lenses can be used. This makes the 3LENS PIN module an attractively priced yet robust solution for a wide variety of lighting situations. PIN modules are particularly suitable for use in street lighting, in building and bridge illumination, and as LED retrofit solutions.

Ideal for hidden façade illumination
With their compact design, PIN modules are ideal for effectively illuminating rear facades or building sections. They can also be mounted on historical luminaires to discreetly or effectively illuminate another section of the environs. The additional spotlights are barely visible to the observer.
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