Ujazdòw Avenue in Warsaw, Poland

Initial situation:
Ujazdòw Avenue is part of Warsaw’s royal route, one of the oldest and most important transportation routes of the city, a center for political institutions as well as embassies in Poland and the capital’s welcome sign. The boulevard branches off directly to the south from the Three Crosses Square and soon turns into a park landscape, Lazienki Park. It is the largest park in Warsaw, built in the English style in the 18th century. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe and includes several palaces, artificial lakes, canals and cascades, bridges, altars, pavilions, sculptures and an ancient theatre on the island.

Customer request and order:
Along Ujazdòw Avenue, existing historical gas lanterns were to be converted to modern LED lighting. The light color should have the appearance of gas light in order to
to leave the adjacent historical buildings in familiar warm light.

The solution from BRAUN:
The conversion of the 25 historical luminaires was carried out very quickly with His.lux® 4 modules. All His.lux modules are available in the BRAUN-exclusive light color LED GASlight. Just as in the past, Ujazdòw Avenue now shines in warm white light, but more economically with modern LED technology. The customers were more than satisfied with the appearance, impression and high efficiency of the new lighting.