Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin

Upgrading of four five-armed candelabras
Only four years after her coronation, Sophie Charlotte of Hanover, the first Queen of Prussia, died in 1705, and King Frederick I had the Lietzenburg estate built in honor of his deceased wife, under whose name the largest Hohenzollern residence in Berlin is renowned.
The extensive castle park is adorned by multi-armed magnificent candelabras, bearing a total of 20 Berlin lanterns.
The light poles were cleaned gently with ice crystals and repainted, the interior of the attachment lanterns completely rebuilt with historical gas light optics and energy-efficient CDM lamps, new glass panes were fitted and the copper coverings corroded by verdigris were polished to a high gloss again. Lamps and the castle park now shine every night in the enchanting splendor of bygone times.