Residential district in Rudow, Berlin

Initial situation:
In the south of Berlin, the bbg Berliner Baugenossenschaft e.G. maintains a residential quarter with several hundred residential units. The modern and child-friendly settlement has extensive green areas in the inner courtyards with beautifully laid out footpaths.

Customer request and order:
The entire area should be equipped with efficient and bright path lighting. Obsolete existing luminaires in the inner courtyards of the housing estate were replaced by energy-efficient LED luminaires. What was important to the Berlin housing cooperative was a glare-free lighting solution with a high energy-saving potential. Ideally, 50 % energy should be saved compared to old lighting (approx. 80 W per HQL luminaire).

The solution from BRAUN:
The post-top luminaire NewNight FlexPIN LED was used. This luminaire impressed with its excellent cost-benefit ratio and was able to stand out over competitive products during several sample lighting events. By using special secondary optics, the symmetrical and asymmetrical light distributions required by the customer were optimally implemented. The requirement for energy savings of more than 50 % compared to the old luminaires was exceeded. Thanks to a system installed load of only 30 watts, energy savings are around 70% per light point.
Prior to conversion: Obsolete mercury vapor light (HQL), unattractive and high consumption


Before Retrofit: Outdated ball light with HQL bulb, unsightly and with high consumption