NewNight BigTAB BigTAB Mast Mount High-Intensity Lamp M1

Ideal for large industrial areas
The BigTAB Mast Mount High-Intensity Lamp M1was designed for large areas and is versatile in use, as harbor lighting, forecourt lighting, and for the illumination of many other industrially used areas.

The BigTAB has a ‘Plug and Play’ module ready for operation and is therefore immediately ready for use. Suitable for applications with existing mast systems can be used, which also allows short conversion times. The integrated ThermoProtect system prevents excessive heating of the components. It is extremely robust, insensitive to vibrations, and has overvoltage protection.

In addition, this high-intensity light can be equipped with various control and switching programs, such as presence control.

Data Sheet:

NewNight®BigTAB BigTAB Mast Mount High-Intensity Lamp M1