The BeeLED 800 from the NewNight series is the larger version of the BeeLED 640. The lampshade, lamp cylinder, and overall height of the lamp are larger than the 640 version. BeeLED 800 features a larger lampshade with a diameter of 800 mm.

The technical features of both models, BeeLED 800 and BeeLED 640, are identical. This modern cylindrical LED luminaire is suitable for poles with a height of up to 6 m.

It is an ideal solution for illuminating streets, paths, squares, promenades, parks, and gardens, etc.

The BeeLED is completely dimmable, as well as only in partial segments thereof with asymmetrical light distribution. With the targeted light distribution of the reflector system, the light can be directed onto certain sections of sidewalks, roadways. Thus, making it perfect for avoiding stray light or light trespass.

Data Sheet:
BeeLED 800