LED plant light – made in Germany
One of the new products from BRAUN: LED plant light. Once again, the company is demonstrating its innovative strength and a certain pioneering position in the lighting market. BRAUN has recently introduced special LED modules whose light spectra can be selected so that they demonstrably promote the growth and flowering of certain plants.

Plants need special light wavelengths for optimal growth. For example, red and blue light in particular are scientifically proven to be needed for photosynthesis. With conventional plant luminaires such as compact fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps, the plants cannot absorb most of the light spectrum, i.e. ineffective light is emitted and energy is wasted. The special feature of BRAUN LED plant lighting is the precise definition of the required color spectrum. With the restriction of the nanometer range of the color spectrum, the proportion of light effective for the plant is significantly higher than with conventional products.
LED light diodes are combined in the respective wavelength according to requirements.
The innovation lies in the individually measured color spectra of the LEDs used and their combination with each other. The optional reduction of the performance parameters makes it possible to achieve a targeted amount of light tailored to individual plant species. On the one hand, an even, lush growth can be promoted or the timing of the blooming can be positively influenced.

Initial tests have shown the BRAUN plant lamp produces very good results in terms of thriving and growth through high absorption. This opens up new possibilities for large-scale agricultural and garden greenhouses as well as for hobby gardeners and private plant breeders to adapt the lighting conditions of their breeding to the needs of the plant species. Consult our technicians!

For commercial use we are happy to install sample luminaires on site, with which you can compare the effectiveness to that of previous lighting.