Optimal for any large area, indoor or outdoor use
The BigTAB LED module was specially developed for the illumination of large areas and for the requirements of maximum light output. This makes the BigTAB suitable for both hall lighting and large outdoor areas. Depending on the lighting requirements or customer requirements, these LED modules can be assembled individually in clusters. Light color, beam angle, and illuminance can be freely selected.

The power ratings vary according to the cluster order: 1 BigTAB up to 150 W, 2 BigTAB up to 300 W, or 4 BigTAB up to 600 W and are based on the requirements.

UV-resistant, high-performance lenses and the integrated ThermoProtect system enable peak outputs of up to 600 W at 57 klm. In addition, BigTAB modules are insensitive to vibration, extremely resistant, and can withstand ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +45 °C. They can be installed in halls with high ceiling heights of up to 50 meters. Thus, BigTAB modules offer a maximum of flexibility in the interior lighting of large areas such as halls, warehouses, etc., but are also ideally suited for outdoor lighting.

On request, presence control, dimming function, daylight-dependent control can be provided.