Initial situation:

The Berlin State Opera is located directly on the street Unter den Linden in district Berlin Mitte . It is the oldest opera house in the entire capital and famous for its outstanding operas and concerts. However, the eight historic luminaires along the archways needed restoration, so BRAUN was immediately on the scene.

Customer request and order:

BRAUN was commissioned to renew the wrought-iron wall brackets in a way that would preserve the material and create a warm light. The lighting was supposed to be as glare-free as possible in order to provide pleasant light for guests, musicians and actors alike. Optics and aesthetics were to be maintained.

Solution from BRAUN:

The obsolete layers of paint on the wall booms were removed using a blasting process that was gentle on the material, and glass sand was chosen as the abrasive. After a high-quality rust protection was applied, the final paint could be painted over it in a splendid glossy black. The original electronic fixtures were replaced with a new LED system (BRAUN’s own final winding), which shines glare-free and with high luminance in a pleasant warm white. The illumination intensity can be freely adjusted on each luminaire, ensuring optimal adaptation to local conditions.

The customer was delighted with the excellent quality and workmanship, so that BRAUN was able to complete the order with satisfaction.