Charles Bridge and Prague Old Town, Czech Republic

Initial situation:
Charles Bridge is a historically bridge built in the 14th century over the Vltava River in Prague, connecting the Old Town with the Lower Town. It is one of the oldest preserved stone bridges in Europe and one of the city’s landmarks.
The Old Town Square is the central market square of Prague’s Old Town. It occupies more than 9000m². In the cellars of the houses surrounding the square there are Romanesque and Gothic foundations. It features Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo houses. The so-called Coronation Trail leads from the Old Town Square through the narrow Karlsgasse to Charles Bridge.

Customer request and order:
This project demonstrates BRAUN’s competence in the field of gas lighting. The client, the City of Prague, wanted all electric lights to be converted to gas lighting.

The solution from BRAUN:
In 2008, all historical street lights were successfully converted to gas light in cooperation with the Czech company Eltodo. BRAUN supplied the gas burning technology and accessories for all approx. 500 historic lamps. For the lights of the Charles Bridge, especially old components were reconstructed in order to enable the lantern lighters to reignite the gas lanterns by hand. From the Old Town over the Coronation Way to the Charles Bridge, the beautiful candelabras shine in their original gas light.