Old Berlin Model Light

The Old Berlin luminaire is a faithful reconstruction of the original down to the smallest detail and is equipped with energy-efficient LED technology. It can be equipped with an LED installation kit from the His.lux or NewNight series. Thanks to their rotationally symmetrical light distribution, both LED modules are ideally suited for lighting in public spaces. Here, we also recommend the LED GASlight feature for golden-yellow lighting, which is based on the light of a historical gas lamp. This golden yellow lighting makes the surroundings appear alive and natural.

To round off the overall impression, a replica of a historical BAMAG remote igniter with a burner tube is used for central, invisible cable routing. High-quality materials guarantee the longevity and weather resistance of the luminaire. It is very easy to maintain due to a hinged roof and a side door.

The Old Berlin model light is ideal for illuminating squares, streets, residential areas, green spaces, and driveways.

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