Gas Pendant 9 Model A-11

Ill. Gas Pendant 9, a true-to-original reconstruction of the historic A-11 model


The Gas Pendant 9 is a true-to-original reconstruction of the historic A-11 model, providing excellent illumination with brilliant and natural color rendition. The golden yellow lighting makes the surroundings appear alive and natural. The distribution chamber has 9 flames. The gas is ignited by electronic ignition. Intelligent switching electronics control a micro solenoid valve and ensure reliability.

The body is made of weatherproof natural aluminum. Hinges and locking parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet steel. The glass bell is made of borosilicate glass and is open at the mouth. Painting variants according to the RAL color table, DB color numbers, and FerroGrip special finishes are available on request.

The lamp is extremely easy to maintain due to a hinged maintenance opening and a hinged glass bell.

Data Sheet:

GAS-Pendant Type_ A-11_EN