5 Reasons to Choose LED Products from BRAUN Lighting Solutions

There is a large number of companies that offer LED lighting products, so why should you choose LEDs from BRAUN?

The answer is simple. We stand by the commitment of offering product and service quality guarantee, and here is how we do it.

The impressive in our state-of-the-art facility is unique to our company. From design, sheet metal processing including metal spinning and individual color coating to final assembly, installation, and after-service maintenance. The multifaceted manufacturing allows us to build every product in-house and gives full control over the production process, and the flexibility to adjust according to the project specifics and customer needs.



Manufacturing Process

Metalwork. Our skilled metalworkers perform metal spinning and reshaping not only by the automated machines but also by hand. It is especially valuable with the consideration of the historical lamps.



Mast machining. With our versatile waterjet cutting system, everything is possible. The water jet effortlessly cuts all desired contours. The rest is done by the high-performance milling machine, which opens up endless possibilities for the renovation of historical lights, masts, and candelabras for any kind of street lighting.



Surface treatment. Painting and lacquering are carried out at our facility. Pick any color you want!



SMT (surface-mount technology) assembly In-House. The electronic development as well as the assembly and programming are carried out in-house. With the use of our P&P machines, we produce our own printed circuit boards for our LED modules and other lighting products. Each component is thoroughly tested to assure its quality and long service.



Flexibility in design and the choice of material. The latest CNC and milling machines will cut out whatever you need to realize any ideas. Really, anything.




Project Planning

CAD calculations. Our efficient CAD department finds the optimal lighting solution for every project based on extensive experience.



Light distribution calculation. Lighting plans and lighting calculations provide information on light output, lighting effect, beam angle, and energy efficiency aiding in achieving the right product solution. With the use of the latest software, our lighting engineers provide the most accurate lighting calculations.




Made in Germany Quality

We are part of the “Energy Efficiency made in Germany” program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and support the German economy by using as many German materials in our production process as possible.




We know lighting. We know that the right temperature and color can make a big difference in achieving the desired results for architectural space. All our luminaires are available with choices of color, temperature, and dimming as well in CRI>80 and CRI>90. Secondary optics and anti-glare technology to assure the best light distribution.

Our LED lighting solutions are designed for sustainability and can be easily integrated into historical and modern lighting installations. We focus on building particularly maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient luminaires and LED conversion kits in various designs; street, residential and neighborhood lighting to green spaces and parks, as well as for special project lighting.

Another great point, our products are compatible with other manufacturers’ parts, making our lighting products Future-Proof and easily upgradable and interchangeable.


Professional ‘Full service’

You can rely on BRAUN professionals for dismantling and assembly work, service, and maintenance. This takes out the hassle of coordinating between the various companies to complete your project. Additionally, having products from the same company assures their absolute compatibility and seamless function for years to come. We offer AFTER SERVICE SUPPORT and guarantee a long-term spare parts service.


This is how we are able to implement your wishes for product design specialties, light colors, and dimming options in an uncomplicated way.

BRAUN Lighting Solutions – simply better light.