How do you become a “smart city”?

Smart City

The term “smart city” comes up more and more often in conversations, online forums and companies themselves. But what exactly is behind it and how can you contribute to making your own city, municipality or community “smart”?



What does “smart city?”

First and foremost, it is the designation of a technologically advanced, efficient and sustainable city, which consists of and is built upon sophisticated developments and concepts.

More specifically, it means that urban spaces use cutting-edge technologies and automated processes to address the challenges of climate change and demographic shifts.


How is this being implemented?

There are several approaches and projects to intelligently connect large and small cities and transform them into smart cities. Innovative ideas and excellent cooperation serve as the basis here to face the increasing demands within growing cities.

Since 2015, around 160 stakeholders have been working to upgrade the capital city of Berlin for the future (Smart City Berlin). With the help of defined fields of action, including in the areas of politics, economy and mobility, strategies can be pursued and implemented.


How can you become a smart city?

Any city, municipality or community can decide to become “smart” and successfully equip itself for the future. To achieve this, it is necessary to invest in digitization and network the entire infrastructure.

As an example, existing street lighting can be upgraded to the latest LED technologies and equipped with sensors or dimming functions.  Residents can interact with the new technology themselves, manually edit the luminosity and thus consciously participate in the smart city strategy.


What does this have to do with the IOT (Internet of Things and Services)?

The so-called “Internet of Things” refers to the overall networking of technological devices, sensors, etc. with each other. The goal is to simplify any process by transmitting and receiving data via state-of-the-art technology.

If you want to implement your own city “smart” and support it with the help of the latest technologies and innovations, you cannot avoid the IOT as a pioneer for digitalization.


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