Villa von der Heydt, Berlin-Tiergarten

Initial situation:
The Villa von der Heydt, in the Tiergarten district of Berlin, is a representative, detached building from the villa architecture of the 19th century. Today, the official residence of the President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, this villa has been a listed building since 1966.

Customer request and order:
For the main entrance of the Villa von der Heydt new stylish lighting had to be implemented. For this purpose, the existing listed historic light poles and luminaires were refurbished and converted to LED technology in accordance with specifications of the Federal Monuments Authority and the executing planner adb – office for architecture, monument preservation and construction research, Ewerien and Obermann GbR. It was important to the clients that the new lighting is based on the appearance and aesthetics of old gas lamps.

The solution from BRAUN:
In the course of the renovation of the exterior façade of the building, the two existing light poles and the associated luminaires were first professionally dismantled. In cooperation with the company Metallrestaurierung and Kunstschmiede, the acknowledged and certified restorer Mr. Georg Ignaszewski, all parts of the luminaire were conserved and maintained, carefully restored, and repaired. The historic Berlin city lights of the type Victoria were left to us for further processing. The technical conversion was carried out with a His.lux Premium LED module, in the LED GasLight version and with the original distribution chamber. Visually, this creates the homely impression of historic gas lighting. The light color corresponds with 2,700 K the gas light of the Berlin gas lanterns. The reflector was pressed by hand according to old craft tradition. The patinated burner tube imitation made of brass serves for centric, invisible cable routing within the luminaire. In addition, the lights received special glazing. For the perfect look, custom-made mouth-blown window glass with light air inclusions was installed, highlighting the luster of the lighting with a “lively glass surface”. The visual appearance of the luminaires corresponds exactly to the gas-powered original.
With this lighting solution, we offer modern technology in a historical guise.

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