Technology center for the maintenance of engines, Thuringia

Initial situation:
One of the most demanding projects was the conversion of the hall lighting at one of the largest technology centers in Germany for the maintenance and repair of engines, based in Thuringia.

Customer request and order:
The existing failure-prone lighting in the factory halls should be replaced by trouble-free, efficient LED light. High-quality color rendering and flexible programming of the LED modules were important to the client. In addition, the conversion time should be as short as possible to keep the operating processes stable.

The solution from BRAUN:
During operation, the old installations were dismantled and around 750 different BigTAB LED pendant luminaires were installed. The BigTAB modules, single, double, quadruple and special solutions are characterized by their long service life and excellent cooling. The new installation was supplemented by complex control and switching electronics.
With emergency lighting unit