New switchgear saves energy
Phoenix Park (Irish: Páirc an Fhionn-Uisce) is Dublin’s green lung. With an area of 707 ha and an enclosing wall 11 km long, it is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Here are the residences of the Irish President, the US Ambassador, the State Guest House, and the Irish Police Headquarters. The park, which was laid out in the 17th century as a royal game reserve, is still home to free-ranging red deer. The paths of the park are flanked by approx. 220 historical lights. Their warm white, golden yellow light gives the park a special nocturnal appearance.

Some of these luminaires have been brought up to the latest technical standard by installing our BS-N switching system. This has enabled energy consumption per luminaire to be reduced by 400-kilowatt hours per year. The system, developed in 2001, is extremely reliable. This is also proven by the sale of more than 15,000 copies to various customers in Europe.

Data sheet:
Switchgear for Gas Lights BS-N 5.0