Modernization at BER Airport, Berlin

Initial situation:
Among the challenging projects was the modernization of the outdated lighting for a large billboard at the BER airport in Berlin.

Customer request and order:
The customer was looking for a lighting system that is low maintenance, highly durable, and compatible with the existing power supply systems. In addition, the lighting fixtures had to be Dark Sky friendly. This means, emitting as little light into the surrounding space as possible. Thus, protecting the night skies and avoiding the disturbance of insects.

Since there are still very few high-quality lighting systems on the market that would meet all the above requirements, the customer approached BRAUN Lighting Solutions. The request was to develop an appropriate lighting system for large displays.

The solution from BRAUN:
As a solution to this demanding task, the designers and engineers at BRAUN Lighting Solutions have developed a new linear LED lighting system that consists of a highly rigid support structure made of aluminum with linear luminaires. The luminaires feature newly developed circuit boards with a constant voltage power supply and special optics. The new lighting suits ideally to achieve the desired result.

The challenge of this project was to integrate the existing steel girder framework as a support system for the new lighting. The project team also had to consider the mounting distance to the display, its enormous width, and height during the planning stages.

Our electronics and design departments completed the development of the new lighting system in a short span of a few months. Our production department then produced the ready-to-install linear lighting system. The professional team of BRAUN carried out the installation of the new lighting system at a great height.

True to the motto “everything from a single source.”, BRAUN delivers significant advantages for every customer by providing turnkey solutions for any lighting project.

As a result, the customer is satisfied with the illumination of the large display.