Services prior to placing an order:

  • Free advice on the right lighting solution, the desired efficiency and effect of the planned lighting
  • Creation and/or retrofitting of a sample lamp
  • Delivery and installation of the sample lamp taking into account local conditions
  • Lighting calculation, illumination and calculation of the expected energy saving potential (depending on the complexity of the lighting project)
  • Sampling of the sample lamp and disassembly of the lamp and, if necessary, provision of a replacement lamp until delivery of the actual lamp batches

Services after positive sampling:

  • Clarification of delivery conditions (delivery quantities/delivery location/delivery times)
  • Preparation of offer
  • Provision of specialist information for the tender texts on request
  • Financing services

Services after tendering or successful tendering

  • Production and delivery of the agreed order
  • On-site assembly incl. final acceptance on request
  • On request, service and maintenance of the installations by means of an extra service contract to be agreed upon